Become a Member

Membership Levels
Level Definition
Preliminary Pre-build/build phase and/or working towards Licensing/Accreditation
Day Hospital Licensed/Accredited day hospital facility
Affiliate Independent, small overnight private hospital <100 beds
Individual An individual affiliated with the day hospital sector
Industry Suppliers providing a product, service or technology within the health sector
Membership Fees

Our membership year runs from 1st July of the current year to 30th June of the following year.  Pro-rata fees are available in the final 6 months of the membership year and can be discussed with the Executive Officer and Membership Manager.

Group Members

Where there may be multiple facilities eligible within the same Group, fees are discounted on a sliding scale to reflect the number of facilities joining.  Please note, that only those facilities that are paid members are able to take advantage of the multiple benefits and savings offered.

Membership Benefits and Application

For a Membership Prospectus, please click on the relevant link:

  • For Day Hospital, Preliminary, Affiliate or Individual membership, click here
  • For Industry membership, click here


Please direct any enquiries to the Executive Officer and Membership Manager- Julie van Lierop on 08 8272 5304 or