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  • Day Hospital ConsultingHospital Design, Planning, Clinical Pathways Development, Re-design, Setup and Compliance and Operational Management
  • GovernancePlusAccreditation/Certification Specialists
  • Short Stay Private Hospitalsproviding integrated support for surgeons and landowners wanting to develop their own private hospital

Hospital Design, Planning, Clinical Pathways Development, Re-design, Setup and Compliance and Operational Management

Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd, trading as Hospital and Healthcare Consulting

    Innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes

Ph: 0417 737 122
Address:  P O Box 961, Spring Hill, QLD 4000

Day Hospital Consulting strives to provide innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes in various types of Hospital environments and settings.  Utilising the latest industry resources and technology, and with experience of over 37 years in the public and private health industry, Day Hospital Consulting has strong practical and clinical experience in design, planning, clinical pathways development, re-design, and setup (including equipment procurement and costing) of hospitals, day hospitals and medical practices.

Day Hospital Consulting expertise is Compliance of Health Facilities including Hospital Licensing and Accreditation against the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards version 2.

Other key functions are strategic management and business planning, ongoing operational and compliance management of both clinical and administrative functions, human resource management, implementation of electronic and manual quality management systems, infection control management, and patient record management systems.

Leith’s 37 years Clinical experience have been spent in the Operating Theatre and various Hospitals and Day Hospitals in Queensland.  Leith has been the Director of Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd for fourteen years.  Leith has consulted and worked in multi sites across Australia over these years and was the first awarded Life Member of the Australian Day Hospital Association in 2008 after leading the Association from 2004 – 2007  (now known as Day Hospitals Australia Ltd); and committee and board member of multi private hospital committees and representative to many regulatory organisations.

Accreditation/Certification Specialists


Contact:     Sandy Thomson 0407 008 289


Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in providing pre-accreditation support service for the health, aged care, and disability sectors.

Our mission is to improve patient/client outcomes through providing personalised, connected, effective, safe services and advice.

We are achieving our objective through using innovative approaches to our service model which now includes Google Glasses to manage challenges associated with COVID 19. Through our partnership with Chironix GovernancePlus is now an authorised re-seller of this technology which enables us to provide a range of on-site and remote hybrid services which can also reduce our overhead costs.   Trials to date have exceeded expectations.  Our Accreditation Readiness Assessment methodology continues to be highly effective as supported by client feedback. Our team of consultants has been expanded to include medical expertise in clinical governance.

We share innovation through our tools, networks, education/workshops, and quality management support functions which are personalised and flexible to meet your needs.

GovernancePlus is also maintaining certification to ISO 9001: 2015.

For more information, please contact Sandy Thomson – 0407 008 289 or Kylie Kreusser – 0432 783 689 or email

Short Stay Private Hospitals Pty Ltd – Doctor owned hospitals

“It’s time surgeons participated in the revenues they create for hospitals, radiology etc firms”.

We are experienced health executives who provide integrated support for Surgeons and Landowners wanting to develop their own private hospital.  We supply a complete service from design, development, finance structuring, licensing, accreditation etc. We are particularly expert in optimising surgeon positioning and returns, and at the same time, optimising risk to modest levels through customised financial structuring.

We are involved in a number of surgeon owned hospitals under development around Australia.

We offer a discounted fee for an initial assessment and a suggested way forward.

Please contact:
Neil Henderson on 0488 988 820
Leith MacMillan on 0417 737 122