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Index of Consultants shown on this page (click on the name to be taken to more information further down this page):

  • Butterfly Systems – provides online hospital management software and service for public and private hospitals and day clinics
  • Day Hospital Consulting– Hospital Design, Planning, Clinical Pathways Development, Re-design, Setup and Compliance and Operational Management
  • GovernancePlus – Accreditation/Certification Specialists
  • HPA ICT and carts, patient monitoring and life support, surgical solutions and infrastructure
  • Tier One Advisory – provides organisations with Business Advisory Services that assist in managing and growing your Day Hospital

Butterfly Systems

Introduction to Butterfly Systems

Butterfly Systems is a complete software solution deployed on mobile devices for implementing best practices for surgery setup and inventory management in clinical settings.  Butterfly’s paperless system captures 100% of surgical case costing in real-time and drives significant cost savings.  Digitising surgeon’s preference cards delights clinical teams as a productivity tool, while barcode scanning within each app increases the efficiency and accuracy of daily tasks. 

Surgeons Preference Card Suite

The Surgeons Preference Cards Suite consists of MyBuilder, MySetup, and My Surgery, all based on Ipads.  MyBuilder enables staff to create Master Files of surgeons preference cards, including photos and notes.  MySetup assists staff with surgery setup, searching for products by location or category, recording usage, and reducing waste.  MySurgery monitors items usage and tracks all chargeable items in a surgery setting, as well as tracking prostheses batch and incident reporting. 

Inventory Management Suite

The Inventory Management Suite consists of the MyStock app on Ipads and the MySupply app on handheld scanning devices.  MyStock allows staff to create and manage inventory locations, manage the location assignment of inventory, and manage an item’s PAR level.  MySupply enables efficient and accurate stocktake, inventory ordering, purchase order approval, receiving inventory, managing backorders, and reporting on inventory usage.

What We Deliver

  • Up to 10% increased revenue based on total prostheses spending annually.  Butterfly Apps provide accurate prosthesis tracking and billing and reduce revenue leakage by up to $180,000 per operating theatre per annum. 
  • Up to 40% of total nursing hours to be utilised for direct patient care, instead of administrative tasks including searching for supplies and filling in forms.  This allows nurses to spend more time with patients. 
  • Up to 80% of hospital back-office operations can be automated including ordering, accounts payable, patient billing, and procurement, reducing manual processes. 

Day Hospital Consulting

Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd, trading as Hospital and Healthcare Consulting

Innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes

Ph: 0417 737 122
Address:  P O Box 961, Spring Hill, QLD 4000

Day Hospital Consulting strives to provide innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes in various types of Hospital environments and settings.  Utilising the latest industry resources and technology, and with experience of over 37 years in the public and private health industry, Day Hospital Consulting has strong practical and clinical experience in design, planning, clinical pathways development, re-design, and setup (including equipment procurement and costing) of hospitals, day hospitals and medical practices.

Day Hospital Consulting expertise is Compliance of Health Facilities including Hospital Licensing and Accreditation against the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards version 2.

Other key functions are strategic management and business planning, ongoing operational and compliance management of both clinical and administrative functions, human resource management, implementation of electronic and manual quality management systems, infection control management, and patient record management systems.

Leith’s 37 years Clinical experience have been spent in the Operating Theatre and various Hospitals and Day Hospitals in Queensland.  Leith has been the Director of Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd for fourteen years.  Leith has consulted and worked in multi sites across Australia over these years and was the first awarded Life Member of the Australian Day Hospital Association in 2008 after leading the Association from 2004 – 2007  (now known as Day Hospitals Australia Ltd); and committee and board member of multi private hospital committees and representative to many regulatory organisations.

Governance Plus

Governance Plus logo

Contact: Sandy Thomson 0407 008 289    

GovernancePlus, clinical governance, quality management and specialist accreditation preparation provider.

GovernancePlus is committed to providing personalised, connected, effective, safe services and advice for accreditation support and education across NSQHSS, General Practice, Aged Care, Mental Health and NDIS.  Our service model now includes short notice assessments, reviews of clinical governance systems, and assessing the maturity of audit programs.

Our consultants have expertise in clinical governance, quality and safety management systems and include clinicians and experienced accreditation assessors.

How we can support your needs:

  1. Confidential pre-survey preparedness assessments – using our planned or G+ SNAAPS model which reviews your preparedness for all or selected standards.  The review process includes tools, self-directed learning packages and support.
  2. Quality Management Services for facilities who do not have capacity or need for a full-time quality manager.  This can be done both onsite and remotely.
  3. New Facility Builds and Interim accreditation – support with architectural advice, licensing and interim accreditation.
  4. Specialist Consultancy Services – specific to organisational needs.

Regardless of when your next accreditation assessment is due it is vital, from a patient safety perspective, to be accreditation ready every day.

Need more information? or contact us at, or phone Sandy Thomson 0407 008 289 or Kylie Kreusser 0432 783 689


HPA provides solutions that support medical staff to save and enhance lives. We work as part of your team to advise, supply and manage all the equipment you need to care for patients – ICT and carts, patient monitoring and life support, surgical solutions and infrastructure.

We bring the world’s best medical equipment to day surgeries across Australia, and can enhance and extend your team, with valuable best practice knowledge and advice based on experience of clinical practice.

We design and manage solutions that work smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently, so you can put all your focus on delivering the best patient outcome. We’re as passionate about healthcare as you are – our goal is to support you to support your patients.

We offer:

  • Turnkey solutions – a seamless process from selection, through installation to support.
  • Expertise – guidance in selecting the products and managing projects.
  • Ease of purchasing – all equipment, servicing and maintenance bundled into a single contract, and the knowledge that you can add new vendors and still deal just with HPA.
  • One relationship – partnering with one single company for all equipment and service needs, and not having to worry about managing multiple contracts, or work out who to call for what.
  • Finance Options – free up your cash flow for running your business.

Contact us below for more information or to see our latest projects. 

Head office: Unit 4, 6-8 Byfield Street, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Contact: Gareth Simes – Product Specialist
Mobile: 0448 926 917

Tier One Advisory

Tier One Advisory provides organisations with Business Advisory Services that assist in managing and growing your Day Hospital. With over 30 years commercial experience we are well placed to assist you with all your financial and operational requirements.

Tier One Advisory has extensive experience in Day Hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. We understand the dynamics and the challenges faced when operating a Day Hospital and are well placed to provide you with the best advice.

Our Services include:

  • Business Analytics; Ensuring you have the right Business Reports and KPI’s to accurately manage and monitor your business
  • Financial Management; Accurate and timely reporting of all your Day Hospital financial needs
  • Forecasting & Budgeting; Setting financial goals and monitoring
  • Internal Controls; Ensuring that financial risk is mitigated through verification of processes and segregation of key activities
  • Strategic Planning; Establish a Strategic Plan that helps grow your Day Hospital
  • Selling your Day Hospital; Assist in setting the Day Hospital ready to sell to ensure a successful outcome for both seller and buyer
  • Mergers & Acquisitions; Assist in acquiring Day Hospitals and merging into existing portfolio
  • Internal Systems and Processes; Ensuring that your staff operate efficiently and effectively
  • Banking Relationships; Assist in managing your relationship with your Bank ensuring they become your true partner

Address: PO Box 3125, North Parramatta NSW 1750
Contact: Alex Konstandinidis FCPA MBA(Exec) (USYD/UNSW)
Mobile: 0418 481 681

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