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Index of Consultants shown on this page (click on the name to be taken to more information further down this page):

  • AS4187 Solutions – consultancy on all aspects of the Sterilising Services Department
  • Day Hospital ConsultingHospital Design, Planning, Clinical Pathways Development, Re-design, Setup and Compliance and Operational Management
  • GovernancePlusAccreditation/Certification Specialists
  • HMED Consult – Health & Medical Business Consulting
  • OptiSim – Optimise healthcare processes and facilities through simulation


AS4187 Solutions

Ph: 0400 192 257

Ensure that your business is completely AS4187 compliant!

With over 35 years’ experience in Sterilisation Services, AS4187 Solutions are the leaders in all aspects of AS/NZS 4187:2014 and all current ISO standards compliance.  We take the time to learn everything about your businesses requirements to ensure we recommend the best and most cost-effective solution for your facility no matter how big or small.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Consultation – offering consultation in all aspects of the Sterilising Services Department.
  • Audit Current Practices – audit current practices against AS/NZS4187-2014 and all current ISO standards and guidelines.
  • Education & Training – Education and Training for all staff in the processing room.
  • Validation of Processing Practices – validation of all processing equipment and processes in the department.
  • Work Process Documentation – create or update Work Instructions for all processing equipment and processes.

Call me today to discuss your needs and how I can help you achieve compliance at your facility.

Jessica Pena, Sterilising Services Consultant

Hospital Design, Planning, Clinical Pathways Development, Re-design, Setup and Compliance and Operational Management

Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd, trading as Hospital and Healthcare Consulting

    Innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes

Ph: 0417 737 122
Address:  P O Box 961, Spring Hill, QLD 4000

Day Hospital Consulting strives to provide innovative and practical solutions to ensure delivery of expected outcomes in various types of Hospital environments and settings.  Utilising the latest industry resources and technology, and with experience of over 37 years in the public and private health industry, Day Hospital Consulting has strong practical and clinical experience in design, planning, clinical pathways development, re-design, and setup (including equipment procurement and costing) of hospitals, day hospitals and medical practices.

Day Hospital Consulting expertise is Compliance of Health Facilities including Hospital Licensing and Accreditation against the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards version 2.

Other key functions are strategic management and business planning, ongoing operational and compliance management of both clinical and administrative functions, human resource management, implementation of electronic and manual quality management systems, infection control management, and patient record management systems.

Leith’s 37 years Clinical experience have been spent in the Operating Theatre and various Hospitals and Day Hospitals in Queensland.  Leith has been the Director of Day Hospital Consulting Pty Ltd for fourteen years.  Leith has consulted and worked in multi sites across Australia over these years and was the first awarded Life Member of the Australian Day Hospital Association in 2008 after leading the Association from 2004 – 2007  (now known as Day Hospitals Australia Ltd); and committee and board member of multi private hospital committees and representative to many regulatory organisations.

Accreditation/Certification Specialists


Contact:     Sandy Thomson 0407 008 289

GovernancePlus, an accreditation preparation specialist service provider.

GovernancePlus is a proud member of Day Hospitals Australia.  As with most service providers, COVID-19 has changed how we are reaching out and working with our current and new clients, especially in this challenging time.  Our mission is to continue to provide personalised, connected, effective, safe services and advice.

About us:  GovernancePlus was established in 2006 to provide consultancy services in governance, quality, and risk management for the public and private health care industry across Australia.  We support large to small acute, community, mental health, NDIS and not for profit providers with their accreditation preparation and management needs.  Our consultants include experienced accreditation assessors.

GovernancePlus has been recognised for Business Excellence by Alcoa Peel Chamber of Commerce in 2020 and by the Australian Organisation for Quality in 2015 and 2017. ISO 9001: 2015 certification has been held since 2017.

How we can support your needs?

  1. Confidential pre-survey risk assessments of your accreditation preparedness for all or selected standards.  The review process includes tools, self-directed learning packages and support.
  2. Quality Management Services for facilities who do not have capacity or need for a full time quality manager.  This can be done both onsite and remotely.
  3. New Facility Builds and Interim accreditation – support with architectural advice, licensing and interim accreditation.

Whether you are due for accreditation this year or next year it’s important to remain accreditation ready every day.

Need more information  –  Contact Sandy Thomson on the contact details above.

Health & Medical Consulting

HMED Consult

Ph:  1300 855 562

HMED Consult – specialising in developing and supporting GP Practices, Dental Practices, and Day Procedure Services.  We take a practical approach to simplifying the process for clients meeting the NSQHS and RACGP Standards through all levels of the organisation from planning, building, IT and accounting, and meeting Medicare requirements through to ensuring all policies, procedures and protocols are understood and implemented.  We also complete audits against the standards for monitoring ongoing compliance.

We work with clients to implement innovative solutions using knowledge and skills developed through our work as industry consultants, surveyors for NSQHS, RACGP  and as Practice Mentors.  Our expertise is valued within the health industry nationally on implementing quality frameworks incorporating Governance, Consumer Frameworks, Infection Control and all other elements of the Standards.

This simplified approach allows for the introduction of quality improvement strategies to ensure clients comply with industry standards through our step by step process:

  • Planning: Strategic and business planning, IT and accounting solutions, Medicare requirements
  • Educate:   Support for every staff member through change of management
  • Develop:   Develop policy, procedure and protocols to match your organisation and meet the standards
  • Mentoring: Providing mentoring and coaching to practice managers
  • Audits: Conducting audits and gap assessments against the NSQHS and RACGP by qualified auditors

The professional team of consultants at HMED, offers a high level of expertise within multiple areas in the health industry. This experience is supported by a willingness to work with clients to achieve the best outcomes by bringing practical business solutions to each client’s individual situations.

We can offer pre-accreditation support from when you’re considering accreditation through to being with you on the day of your assessment. If you have already been through accreditation, we can also assist with post accreditation plans and maintenance to ensure accreditation is met on a daily basis.

Call us today, to discuss our flexible consultancy packages.

OptiSim – Optimise healthcare processes and facilities through simulation

Ph:  1300 070 350

Download our information pack.

Who are we?

Mater Education is a leading provider of interprofessional healthcare education, training and simulation, with world-class clinical simulation programs, facilities and faculty.

We aim to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes through contemporary simulation, by developing a confident and competent healthcare workforce, as well as fit-for-purpose facilities and services.

Optimisation through simulation

As a nationally recognised leader in the field of healthcare simulation, Mater Education presents OptiSim—a unique service for healthcare organisations, architects, engineers and medical device companies which uses a tailored simulation methodology and human factors expertise to assess and improve all facets of healthcare delivery.

Utilising simulation to emulate real-world scenarios, each customised OptiSim program is designed to mitigate risk, enhance the experiences of patients and staff, and reduce costs.  OptiSim provides the ability to test, refine and improve, while engaging and supporting staff and posing no risk to patients.

OptiSim’s tailored approach produces exceptional outcomes in:

  • hospital and healthcare facility design
  • implementation of new systems and processes
  • experiential orientation for staff when preparing the roll-out of a new service line or the opening of a new facility
  • trialling new and high-risk medical procedures
  • medical device design and prototype testing
  • stakeholder confidence

Here’s how we’ve helped healthcare organisations across Queensland:

Mercy Community prepare for COVID-19 with OptiSim

Mercy Community Aged Care Services made sure their staff and residents were fully prepared for COVID-19 by using Mater Education’s OptiSim service to imitate an outbreak.

Aimed at both assessing existing processes and response tactics, as well as upskilling staff to fill any gaps, this best-practice simulation service provided training on several COVID-19 potential challenges.  These included managing an outbreak and treating a resident experiencing rapid deterioration from infection.

Read more about the simulation here.

New private hospital build

Mater Education was engaged to collaborate with architects and engineers during the design phase of a new green-field private hospital to review and test inpatient room prototypes and proposed layout, joinery, fixtures and fittings, within the context of clinical workflow and functionality to understand how people interact with the environment.

Read more about the simulation here.

Moreton Day Hospital prepares for new general surgical activity

In preparation for the commencement of new general surgical activity, the staff at Moreton Day Hospital in North Lakes undertook training with Mater Education’s OptiSim team to emulate a number of real world scenarios onsite, including patient flow, surgical case setup and emergency response calls.

Staff at the hospital reported increased confidence in performing their roles after their experiences in the various scenarios.

Read more about the simulation here.

For business enquiries

Take your healthcare delivery to new heights with OptiSim’s tailored approach. Talk to the team today on 1300 070 350 or make an online enquiry.