Current Initiatives

Issues and initiatives addressed recently include – for your interest: 

  • Day Hospitals Australia 2019 ConferenceDay Hospitals – providing solutions for a sustainable health care system is to be held on 11 – 13 September at the Adelaide Convention Centre.  Ensure that you save the dates and visit the dedicated conference website.  Bill Prentice, CEO of the Ambulatory Surgery Association of USA, is a Keynote Speaker.
  • Private Health Insurance reforms –  currently Day Hospitals Australia is providing a submission to the proposed Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Private Health Sector should Labor win the next General Election in May 2019.  CEO has an appointment with Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Health, in February to discuss the importance of the day hospital sector to the health care system.
  • Discussions with BUPA –after Dwayne Crombie, CEO of Bupa, presented at our 2018 Conference, the Day Hospitals Australia CEO and NSW Director met with Dwayne and Adam Longshaw for further discussions.  As a result of this meeting, Dwayne and Adam attended the November Day Hospitals Australia Board meeting which resulted in an encouraging discussion.  A workshop is now planned in early February with Bupa and Day Hospitals Australia representatives to examine ways to increase volume in the day hospital sector.
  • State Health Ministers – the CEO has met with some of the State Health Ministers, or their Advisors, to discuss the relevance of the sector to the overall health system in their State or Territory.
  • Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education– the CEO met with the Senior Advisor to the Minister towards the end of 2108.
  • Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee (PHMAC) – Day Hospitals Australia has continued to be represented on PHMAC and many of its working groups.  Summaries can be found on Department of Health website.  The last meeting for 2018 was held on the 4 December.
  • Prosthesis List Advisory Committee (PLAC) – Day Hospitals continues to be represented on this committee as well as the recently formed Prostheses Industry Working Group.  Day Hospitals Australia is represented on both of these groups.  Summaries of these meeting can be found on the Department of Health website.
  • AS/NZS 4187:2014 – our Taskforce continues to provide feedback to Standards Australia review of AS/NZS 4187:2014.  Currently we are awaiting the results of the Standards Australia review of aspects of this standard.
  • NSQHS Standards Steering Committee – Day Hospitals Australia has continued to be represented on this committee in relation to the development of Version 2 the NSQHS Standards and associated resources.  This committee has now been wound up and information is available on the Commission website.
  • Minister for Health – dialogue has continued on an ongoing basis with the Federal Minister for Health and his Principal Advisor on key issues impacting the Day Hospital sector.  The Minister and his Advisor have been kept up to date on matters impacting the sector.
  • Ambulance Victoria Cost Model – Day Hospitals Australia continues to pursue this matter on behalf of Victorian members.  The CEO will meet with the newly appointed Victorian Shadow Minister for Health in February.  A member survey will be conducted prior to this meeting to reassess the impact of the AV cost model.


Process for the Development of a Day Hospital

Are you thinking of building a day hospital?  It is recognised that the setting up and the development of a Day Hospital can be a challenging task.

Where do I start?  Day Hospitals Australia  is pleased to provide an invaluable paper that outlines the process in a staged format to support those wishing to develop a Day Hospital.  Please contact the Day Hospitals Australia Staff for a copy of this document at a very reasonable price of $115.00 incl. GST (available free to current members).