Current Initiatives

Issues and initiatives addressed recently include – for your interest: 

  • Day Hospitals Australia 2020 Conference – It was with regret that the Board and CEO decided that it was best to cancel the 2020 National Conference in the interests of all concerned. In place of this event Day Hospitals Australia will run a series of webinars for both members and non-members. Topics will include – the Day Hospital sector’s response and lessons learnt during the pandemic, an international perspective and examining the future of the private sector with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Private Health Insurance Clinical Categories Review Committee – in February Day Hospitals Australia nominated our Chairperson, Philip Truskett AM to represent us on this committee.
  • Engagement with the Private Health Insurers has continued – Medibank CEO Craig Drummond and Group Executive Andrew Wilson address the Board at their face to face meeting in Melbourne in early March. Also addressing this meeting were Julie Andrews, Chief Officer Member Health and Andrea Caton, Head of Hospital and Medical Benefits from HCF. Currently in discussions with many PHIs on how to work together as we emerge from the pandemic.
  • Commonwealth Department of Health – constant communication has continued with the Department and in particular with Brian Kelleher, Assistant Secretary, PHI Branch, who addressed the Board and CEO at their March Board meeting in Melbourne. Through out the pandemic communication has continued with Brian and Dr Lisa Studdert, First Assistant Secretary of Population Health and Sports Division. Day Hospitals Australia has contributed data to the review of the jurisdictional contracting process and the shortage of PPE.
  • Protheses Reform – Day Hospitals Australia continues to contribute to Prostheses Reform through our representative on the Prostheses List Advisory Committee and the Industry Working Group, particularly in relation to the review of the General Miscellaneous Category of the Prostheses list and reforms to the Prostheses list.
  • COVID-19 – Initially worked with the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt to ensure that the day hospital sector was included in the Viability Guarantee. Established relations with jurisdictions across the country to support members in the contracting process, providing relevant information and support as indicated. Continuous discussion with state and territory Health Departments since mid-March.
  • International Ambulatory Surgery Association – Day Hospitals Australia is proud to be a representative for Australia and in May participated in an International Webinar where 35 members from around the world shared their experiences on COVID-19.

Process for the Development of a Day Hospital

Are you thinking of building a day hospital?  It is recognised that the setting up and the development of a Day Hospital can be a challenging task.

Where do I start?  Day Hospitals Australia is pleased to provide an invaluable paper that outlines the process in a staged format to support those wishing to develop a Day Hospital.  Please contact the Day Hospitals Australia Staff for a copy of this document at a very reasonable price of $115.00 incl. GST (available free to current members).