External Representation

In accordance with our objective to actively represent members through industry committees and task forces, Day Hospitals Australia currently has representation on the following committees:

  • ACHS Day Patient Clinical Indicator Working Party – representatives are Gabrielle Moreland (Chairperson) and Amanda Shand
  • ACHS Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinical Indicator Working Party – representatives are Sarah Walsh and Jan Elkin-Roberts
  • ACSQHC Partnering with Consumers – representative is Jane Griffiths
  • ACSQHC Patient Centred Reporting Steering Committee (Time Limited) – representative is Sally Spillane
  • ACSQHC PROMs Expert Advisory Group – representative is Bronwyn Grant
  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Private Sector Group  (ACSQHC) – representative is Rodney Fox
  • Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Council (ACHS) – representative is Amanda Shand
  • Australian Ethical Health Alliance Steering Committee – representative is Philip Truskett
  • Clinical Categories Review Committee (DoHA) – representative is A/Prof Philip Truskett AM
  • Department of Health/Finity Focus Group on PHI incentives – representative is Scott Bell.
  • DoHA Trusted Information Sharing Network – Health Sector (Communicating Member) – no representative required
  • Hospital Casemix Protocol & Private Health Data Bureau Working Group (DoHA) – representative is Lesley Ward
  • Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) – representative is Gabrielle Moreland
  • Industry Working Group on Benefit Setting and Review Framework (improving access to breakthrough medical technology and affordability of medical devices for privately insured Australians) – representative is Gabrielle Moreland
  • International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) – representatives are Dr John Napoli and Jane Griffiths
  • National Procedure Banding Committee (NPBC) – representative is Natalie Taylor
  • New Private Hospital & DPC Regulations Proposal – representatives are Peter Bailey & Sarah Walsh
  • Ophthalmic Clinical Indicator Working Group – representative is Kylie Bennett
  • Ophthalmology Implementation Liaison Group – representative is Gabrielle Moreland
  • Private Hospital Consultation Forum (DoHA) – representatives are Scott Bell, David Harris, Jane Griffiths
  • Prosthesis List Advisory Committee – representative is Gabrielle Moreland
  • Standards Australia – Day Hospitals Australia has representatives on a number of time-limited review committees. Representative is Helen Bucknell
  • Surgery Project Advisory Committee – representative is Dan Kennedy, Plastic Surgeon, Pacific Day Surgery

Day Hospitals Australia also represents members to address topical issues that arise as required.

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