Update: Complimentary Access to PHI Negotiations Webinar Recording

In recognition of the vital content covered by David du Plessis during the PHI Negotiations webinar this week, we have decided to provide complimentary access to the webinar recording for all members. We believe that this information holds significant value for our members and should be readily available to each of you.

Those members who had previously paid to attend the webinar or access the recording have been notified regarding a refund.

The recording of the PHI Negotiations webinar can be accessed via the Members Only section on the Day Hospitals Australia website here.

This opportunity aims to ensure that every member has access to the knowledge and valuable insights presented during the webinar along with the strategic questions from members.

If you have any queries or require assistance in accessing the webinar recording, please contact our team by emailing info@dayhospitalsaustralia.net.au.

Your active participation in our membership is highly appreciated, and we are committed to providing access to essential industry knowledge. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement.