National Blood Supply

The Private Hospitals Consultation Forum met last week to discuss current concerns around the national blood supply, as the pandemic continues to impact blood supplies.

Demand for fresh blood is the highest its been over the last 10 years. Resumption of elective surgery, an increase in emergency presentations and a fall in blood donations have impacted supply. There is not a shortage at present however there needs to be a level of alertness around the nation’s blood supply.

This situation in not only being experienced in Australia as there are shortages in other countries such including US, Canada and others. Reduced supply is uneven across Australia, with NSW experiencing significant reduced supply. In Victoria when the previous lockdown was lifted there was a 50% cancellation rate for blood donations.

There will be a call for more blood donors over the coming weeks. Australia is currently above the national blood supply contingency plan activation levels.

Health care facilities are encouraged to review their local contingency plans and service planning encouraging best practice blood management to avoid unnecessary waste of blood and blood products.

Thank you to all members who provided information prior to the meeting on their usage of blood and blood products. Day Hospitals Australia will keep members informed as more information comes to hand.