Certification Partner Global (CPG)

Certification Partner Global (CPG) offers auditing, certification, accreditation and training services across many industries, with particular expertise within the Health and Human Services sector. The Management and team of CPG were previously ISC and delivered high quality services within the Health Industry, auditing against the NSQHS and RTAC schemes.

CPG is JAS-ANZ accredited against many international and national schemes.

CPG and its team has the expertise required to effectively assess Day Procedure Services against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards and in so doing helps the health and community services to manage their safety, risk and quality obligations. CPG management team have over 35 years’ experience identifying, training and mentoring individuals that form part of our global audit. There is an art behind the science of education and gained industry experience that allows our assessment team members to deliver the best result for our clients and being involved in the industry as long as our senior management team has, ensures that the mentoring program for our auditors is exceptional. CPGs assessment team hold both Auditing qualifications and have technical expertise within the field of day procedure centres and the health sector. The assessor selection, training and mentoring ensures that we conduct and deliver a fair and fit for purpose assessment for the NSQHS Standards.

Why Choose CPG?

We have the expertise.

We are experienced; competent. We are good at what we do.

We offer smooth and seamless transfer of Certification following IAF Mandatory Document 2 (MD2)

We operate with integrity

We partner with you, not police you.

We are responsive and Customer focused.

We are friendly