FREE Business Energy Review with Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Australian health sector has been hit hard by this year’s price hikes across both electricity and gas commodities. In current market conditions, the importance of securing a competitive business energy deal is vital.

Sustainable Energy Solutions (who are an Industry Partner of Day Hospitals Australia ) provides a team of expert brokers to take the hassle out of securing a competitive energy contract for your business. By working with a large network of trusted electricity and gas providers we will find, compare and negotiate the best business energy deals for your energy portfolio.

We understand juggling the operations of day hospitals takes priority and many of our clients find themselves negotiating contracts at the last minute or accepting a retailer’s offer simply because they don’t have time or resources to run a full procurement process. Our team can help you navigate the complexities of large market contracts in an extremely volatile market and ensure you receive the best rates and discounts.

We recently helped a group of hospitals secure a 42% saving on 15 SME accounts by running a competitive tender.

If you have an energy contract expiring in the next 6 months it’s time to get tender-ready. Here’s how…

  • A solid energy procurement strategy is informed by in-depth knowledge of the market, its political context, and the ways energy providers work – so use energy experts when going to tender.
  • Engaging with internal decision-makers early to assess the risk of both upward and downward movements.
  • Be ready to accept offers – same day – to ensure you lock in the contract price. In recent times, when our team of Account Managers have been negotiating contract for clients, sometimes prices have only been valid for 2 days at best and in some cases, tender prices are withdrawn on the same day by energy providers.
  • Ensuring that your Broker has a valid letter of authority
  • Provide your Broker with an accurate site list with any potential move-in/move-out dates and/or changes to consumption.
  • Ensure your Broker has accurate NMIs/MIRNs, ABN and business entity details.

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