25 May 2020: Day Hospitals: Leading the recovery post COVID-19 

8 April 2020FAQ – COVID-19 Partnership Agreements with day and smaller hospitals

29 March 2020 – Day hospital sector contribution to expanding efforts to deal with COVID-19

28 March 2020 –  Hospital capacity to fight coronavirus will be lost unless States move quickly on agreement

Member updates

Click on the following links for important member updates relating to COVID-19:


COVID-19 Presentationclick here

Day Hospitals Australia SA Director,  Mike Chalk has created a high-level presentation to assist members in understanding various components of the Australian response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Slides 1 – 6 are relevant to all members.  Slides 7 – 11 relate to SA specifically.

As further details become known, we will update the information to include all States/Territories.


  • 8 May 2020 – ACSQHC FAQs for clinicians on elective surgery – click here
  • 5 May 2020 – RACS Surgery Triage – click here
  • ANZCA statement on personal protection equipment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic – click here
  • ANZCA recommendations for PPE according to COVID-19 risk – click here
  • 23 April – AHPPC statement on restoration of elective surgery – click here
  • 24 April – Updated GESA recommendations on Endoscopic Procedure Triage – click here
  • 27 April – RACS COVID-19 Statements on the reintroduction of elective surgery – click here
  • 28 April – ACSQHC: Elective surgery and infection prevention and control precautions – click here
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons COVID-19 information hub – click here
  • Department of Health – click here to view
  • Department of Health staff education resources – click here
  • Department of Health Infection Control training – click here
  • ACSQHC –  additional FAQ’s regarding the re-introduction of assessments – click here to view
  • ACSQHC – Fact Sheet: COVID-19 Elective surgery and infection prevention and control precautions – click here
  • ACSQHC – Fact sheet: COVID-19 and Endoscopy Procedures – click here
  • ACSQHC – AS20/01: Advice on hand hygiene audit requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic – click here
  • Australian College of Nursing – click here to view
  • Health Legal – COVID-19 and managing privacy in the workplace
  • My Health Record – click here

Further Information

Our weekly bulletins are emailed to members each week and provide further useful information.


Material available on this website in relation to COVID-19 is for information only.  Every effort is made to provide information that is accurate however, it is subject to change without notice.  Responsibility lies with the individual facility and you are encouraged to direct any queries to your State/Territory Health Department, Lawyer, Accountant or other professional, as deemed necessary.