About Us

Day Hospitals Australia supports and represents stand alone day hospitals within the Australian health care environment by supporting their business and their employees, facilitating communication between members and actively representing (i.e. on National and State committees) and lobbying on behalf of members.  Industry memberships also benefit and support the organisation and in promoting access to services and supplies utilised by our members. Day Hospitals Australia also welcomes small, overnight private hospitals (unaffiliated with any other overnight private hospital) as Affiliate members.

Day Hospitals Australia strategic development and planning is the responsibility of the Board of Directors which predominantly consists of a group of industry peers nominated from member States.  State or Territory Chapters are utilised to promote and drive the activities of the Board and the Day Hospitals Australia organisation to facilitate the implementation of objectives and to gather valuable industry feedback.

Strength, support and united objectives are all benefits of Day Hospitals Australia. All licensed and accredited day hospitals and small overnight private hospitals under 100 licensed beds are eligible for annual membership. Industry membership is available for companies, organisations and individuals within the health industry.

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Profile of the Day Hospitals Australia and the Day Hospital Industry

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