Member Benefits

Benefits for Day Hospitals, Preliminary and Affiliate Members (some benefits are also applicable to Individual Members)

For further information and contact information on any of the below benefits Day Hospitals Australia Members can go to the ‘Member Benefits Information page’ by clicking here.

Membership benefits are conferred to, and can be accessed by, all staff within a member facility.

For more information on membership and to join as a member please go to the Become a Member page.

  • Accreditation – offer from DNV GL.
  • Benchmarking – QPS Benchmarking offers Day Hospitals Australia members a 20% discount off their joining fee for their clinical indicator program.  This will allow you to benchmark with other day hospitals and demonstrate the quality care member facilities offer.  Significant number of day hospitals are already participating.  Indicators reflect NSQHSS.
  • Conference – Annual Conference.
  • Electricity and Gas consultancy services – agreement to benefit members offered by TransTasman Energy Group (TTEG).
  • Insurance products – specifically designed for the Day Hospital market through Mediprotect.
  • Logo – Day Hospitals Australia Member Logo – can be downloaded by members for use on their websites, facility brochures, etc.
  • Medical Gases services and equipment – competitive pricing from Air Liquide Healthcare.
  • Networking and Support as well as Google Groups and access to the ‘Members Area’ section of the website.  See information below relating to State & Territory Chapter meetings.
  • Pharmaceutical Products, Medical & Surgical Consumables – competitive pricing from Brand’s Surgical Supplies and their partners, who include J&J Medical, Ecolab, Medical Industries Australia and Sentry Medical amongst others.
  • Qantas Club Membership – Day Hospitals Australia Corporate Scheme – offering savings on either one or two year memberships.
  • Representation, support and general guidance.
  • Staff Mandatory Training – On-Line Competencies – agreement with Turrell Multimedia to benefit members offering a range of competency tests online under a Standard Subscription and optional add-on tutorials and competency tests.
  • Telecommunications (voice/data/mobile) – an agreement with Click Compare Connect to benefit members offering a platform for businesses in the area of telecommunications services.  The aim is to provide better plans and reduced costs for members.
  • Weekly Bulletin, Toolkits and promotional material.
Day Hospitals Australia State & Territory Chapters

Day Hospitals Australia State & Territory Chapters meetings are a forum for members within their State/Territory to address local issues and meet generally on a quarterly basis.  In accordance with the Day Hospitals Australia Constitution, those States & Territories with five or more Day Hospitals Australia members, must have a Chapter established.  We currently have Chapters established in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA.

The meetings are held within a venue in that particular State or Territory and all Chapter Meetings are free for members to attend.  Every Chapter has their own Agenda which covers pertinent issues currently being addressed locally.  Dynamic speakers are chosen/recommended for each meeting and the meetings are sometimes sponsored by one or two Day Hospitals Australia Industry Members who are invited along to briefly share, as part of the Agenda, their latest products and innovations relevant to the day hospital sector.

Feedback on National and Day Hospitals Australia Board issues is provided via a written report from the CEO at the meeting.  Issues requiring advice or attention from members more frequently are brought to Day Hospitals Australia via the Chapter Chairperson, the Day Hospitals Australia Staff or the Day Hospitals Australia CEO ensuring open communication.  Conversely, issues are also brought to the attention of members via electronic communication or via the quarterly meetings by the Day Hospitals Australia Staff, ensuring members are kept up to date with new or ongoing issues.

Members find these meeting informative and helpful, not only because of the topical subjects and concerns being addressed, but because these meetings offer the opportunity to network with fellow members and discuss the issues faced in running a day hospital.  There is a “members only” forum included on the Agenda at each Chapter Meeting which is only for Day Hospital Australia members, individual, professional and affiliate members (small overnight private hospitals under 100 beds).  This particular section is very popular, whether they choose to listen to what is being discussed or to share their own experiences with their peers.  The duration of the meetings is generally 2 hours and can bring the benefit of the knowledge, support and experiences gained when attending the meetings. Each Chapter has a Chairperson and Staff member to assist, listed below:

For further information and contact information on the above Day Hospitals Australia Members can go to the ‘Member Benefits Information page’ by clicking here.